(Salem theme from Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter plays)

Gyral: What is this?!

Moldavite: Heh, it's just a null page.

Gyral: Well I have to just slay you with my Poisonous Excalibur! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Almandine: STOP!

Gyral: What?

Almandine: I know who you are, You're Tutobubble in a strange costume disguise!

Gyral: What did you just say?

Almandine: Remember when you just turn my page into nothingness?

Gyral: Well, I updated it indefinitely.

Moldavite: Unhand this Poisonous Excalibur! You don't want to kill her don't you?!

Gyral: Well, I have a new colony so, you cannot defeat me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Gyral teleports)