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Hee dee hee! (Also known as Gemsmile) is a minor character in Browser Advance.


Appearance Edit

She has a curved semi-circle with three straight lines with a curved line on the top and the bottom. She sometimes has arms.

Personality Edit

Hee dee hee! is an annoying teeth character who likes teasing or scaring people which makes them upset, nervous, tired, annoyed or scared. Hee dee hee! can easily go walk through walls and appear in drawings too. Hee dee hee! does not like Yaasir or smelling stuff. She sometimes eat food but not now.

Trivia Edit

  • Hee dee hee! is the recurring antagonist of Almandine's 2017. However in Almandine 2018, she is the minor antagonist.
  • Hee dee hee! can only say her name/phrase "Hee dee hee!" many times similar to a Pokemon.
  • In the song of Minnie the Moocher, Cab Calloway says "HEE DEE HEE DEE HEE DEE HEE!" which is a reference.
  • She sometimes open her mouth.
  • Hee dee hee! is also known as Sapphire smiling, Garnet smiling, Amethyst smiling, other people smiling including Almandine in an error screen.
  • However she may have expressed actions to use control.