Avant Browser is a fusion between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  


Appearance Edit

Avant has a furry orangy hair, seven eyes (One on the top and six eyes covered in visor). She has a lighter blue armour and a red collar. She has six arms, She have six arms, One on the top is light blue, One on the middle is orange, One on the bottom is grey and has white gloves. She has a yellow midriff with a clock and dark blue trousers with green diamonds in their knees and darker blue boots. She has a second mouth.

Personality Edit

Avant starts off cold, somewhat distant, intense, and sloppy. As the fusion becomes more unstable, the Good Browsers individual personalities become more prominent, showing I.E's fear of food, Firefox's hunger and argumentative personality, and Chrome's social awkwardness, leadership, and control of situations.

During "Fusion Feast" she is not shown to have her own personality, but rather three separate personalities, each one being that of I.E, Firefox, and Chrome. These personalities can exist at the same time and come into conflict with each other, causing Avant to defuse.

As shown in "Avant vs Iridium", she is able to keep herself together when in serious situations. She is seen to be a ferocious fighter, roaring in a bestial-like manner before charging at her enemy. However, she offers to settle things peacefully before the battle, reminding her enemy that they do not have to fight.

Unique Abilities Edit

  • Fire Breath: Avant is able to create a plume of fire from her lower mouth.
  • Shape-Shifting: She has an ability to shape-shift into many different things.

Trivia Edit

  • Avant is an integrated fusion between Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Avant is based on a weird animatronic humanoid monster.